Senior Electronics Engineer (Head of Electronics)

We are looking for a talented lead electronics engineer to head up our electronics delivery, working as part of our exceptionally skilled and multi-disciplinary technology team. You will be responsible for (i) developing all electronic sub-systems used within our robots, including those for 3D imaging, sensor monitoring, safety management, and motor control, (ii) compliance with the relevant CE and EMC regulations as defined by our quality engineer, (iii) managing the electronics development process.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Meeting CE requirements for EMC and operator safety
  • Designing new electronic sub-systems
  • Ownership of the system design
  • Mentoring our talented junior electronics design engineer
  • Running and developing our established release process
  • Developing designs to scale manufacture
  • Overseeing outsourced contracts as necessary (e.g. PCB layout, EMC test houses)

Desirable Experience & Characteristics

  • Design for EMC, manufacture, and test
  • Mixed signal circuit design, commissioning, and test
  • Power electrical and motor drive
  • Using EDA software (we use Eagle)
  • Progressing designs to volume manufacture
  • A high quality degree and several years of experience

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