Our Products

Harvesting Robots

Putting growers at the heart of their business

Our strawberry harvesting robots work with the table-top growing systems widely used around the world – in both glasshouse and polytunnel environments. They are capable of autonomous navigation along crop rows, locating and picking ripe fruit, and on-board quality control – grading picked berries, and placing them directly into punnets according to supermarket criteria.

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Yield Forecasting

Providing actionable insight, NOT a mass of unintelligible data

With our accurate 7-14 day yield forecasts, you can make informed decisions based on reliable predictions helping you plan resources to meet your orders efficiently. By optimising controllable factors such as harvest interval, size grading and ripeness level, our product enables you to maximise yield while minimising waste. You set your own schedule or rely on the tool to suggest options to you.

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