We Are Hiring!

Dogtooth develops and sells harvesting robots to meet the needs of growers producing several different crops. We are a fast-growing Cambridge-based scale-up founded in 2016. We have a team of 50 people (and counting!) and have recently secured funding to take us to the next level of development. Our autonomous robots combine world-class computer vision and machine learning with innovative and robust hardware capable of manufacture at scale. Our mission is to solve the chronic labour shortages that are a constant worry for farmers and help them control the quality and repeatability of their produce. We are changing the nature of farm work, empowering people to greatly increase their productivity and skill level. Working with us, you can help to shape the future.

We are now looking for a variety of people to join our team. Dogtooth is building a dream team with expertise in engineering, operational, and administrative roles. On this page you can find a descriptions of several open positions. But we are always interested in talking to talented individuals – if you’re one of them, get in touch and we’ll work out where you can add value.

Freethink Documentary: The Farming Robots that will Feed the World

This interesting documentary feature was created by Freethink, who approached us late 2022 to appear in their series, “Hard Reset” which focuses on companies and people taking revolutionary approaches to help solve the world’s biggest challenges.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Director Nick Tucker and his film crew to our facility in October to take a closer look at our intelligent robots, find out what makes them unique, and to capture them in action picking fruit on a UK farm.

DevOps Engineer

Would you like to be part of the next Agricultural Revolution? We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team and help us to increase the speed and quality of our software releases, as well as helping us to automate and improve the security and availability of our back-end systems.

Overview of the role

This role will work closely with our Software CTO, and alongside our Linux Systems Administrator to simplify, standardise and automate our workflows, both internal support systems as well as external customer-facing systems.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage software and automation solutions (including CI/CD pipelines) to help increase the velocity of the development teams.
  • Lead the way in replacing and obsoleting on-premise servers and services, and replace them by IaaC (Infrastructure as Code) alternatives.
  • Be metrics driven to ensure that we can assess and improve on scalability, reliability, observability, and security aspects of our systems.
  • Implement automated deployment pipelines and configuration management tools to streamline the deployment process.

Desirable Characteristics 

  • 5+ years experience as a DevOps Engineer or a similar role
  • Previous start-up or scale-up experience
  • Strong understanding – and hands on experience of – DevOps principles
  • Hands-on experience with the following tech stack: Linux, Docker, Azure DevOps, AWS, and GCP
  • Proficient in scripting languages for automation tasks
  • Experience of design, configuration and maintenance of networking (including ethernet, Wifi and 4G)

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your C.V. and cover letter to recruitment@dogtoothtech.com 

Principal Software Engineer

Would you like to be part of the next Agricultural Revolution? We are looking for an exceptionally talented individual to join our software team.

Overview of the role

The successful applicant will work closely with the Software CTO, the Head of Machine Learning and the Head of Systems Engineering to translate our Engineering plans into practice and to bring experience and best practice software engineering principles to the business.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead the way – and be a strong advocate of – best practice software design patterns, software architecture and agile methodology.
  • Mentoring software developers and machine-learning engineers.
  • Help the team to find the right balance between strong principles and pragmatism; and help the team to inform “build vs buy” decisions.
  • Be the standard bearer for code quality (including software test coverage and maintainability of code).

Desirable Characteristics 

  • 10+ years of experience in software engineering
  • Previous start-up or scale-up experience
  • Hands-on expertise in software development, machine learning, and algorithmic design
  • Experience in the following technology stack: Linux, Docker, C#, and Python
  • Strong communication skills
  • Previous experience in robotics or other hardware-based products
  • Excellence in execution of engineering plans

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your C.V. and cover letter to recruitment@dogtoothtech.com 

Polite Notice for Recruitment Agencies

We receive a great deal of interest from recruitment agencies, we do appreciate the desire to work with us. We advertise current job vacancies on our website to enable potential candidates interested in joining our team to connect directly with us. 

When direct sourcing is not possible, we may opt to engage a recruitment agency from our preferred supplier list.

If you feel you have a candidate who fits the requirements outlined in a job advertised on our website, we kindly request that you send their CV for review exclusively to recruitment@dogtoothtech.com.

If we would like to discuss further with you, we will be in touch.

Thank you in advance.

R&D Test Technician

We are looking for a dynamic and thorough Test Technician to join our team and help bring new technologies ready to the field.

Overview of the role

The R&D Test Technician will be responsible for development testing and type approval of our new machines as they come through the development cycle.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Testing of new technologies under development, including Type approval of whole new products.  This will include hardware and software testing, cloud services, and standard operating procedures
  • Verification of whole machine performance
  • Development of new test tooling and methods where needed
  • Specification and development of new test equipment
  • Risk assessments
  • Ensure all R&D test equipment is serviced and calibrated
  • Detail design work for tooling & fixtures (mechanical, electronics, possibly software tooling)
  • Flex the day-job to help the operations engineer deploy new hardware or processes to the field or fix existing hardware

Desirable Characteristics 

  • Methodical, systematic approach to testing 
  • Can-do, hands-on attitude
  • Able to self-manage test throughput
  • Experience in testing complex systems, including hardware, networking, software
  • Familiarity with testing methods from relevant industries
  • Good data skills: Excel, understanding of basic statistics would be helpful
  • We welcome candidates from a range of backgrounds, education (HNC/D or degree), and experience levels
  • Full driving license is a must-have: Ability to drive a van to deploy robots would be strongly beneficial

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your C.V. and cover letter to recruitment@dogtoothtech.com 

Rick Stein’s Food Stories on BBC Two

A few of our robots were lucky enough to co-star in Rick Stein’s Food Stories on BBC Two this evening – alongside Sir James Dyson himself. Rick Stein and Sir James have both thought very deeply on the subject of sustainable food production – and by developing state-of-the-art fruit harvesting robots alongside inspiring and innovative customers such as Dyson Farming and Hugh Lowe Farms, Dogtooth is delighted to be doing its part to improve the sustainability and security of UK food production.

If you have access to BBC iPlayer (UK TV license payers only), you can watch the episode here.

Mechanical Design Engineers

We are looking for two outstanding Mechanical Design Engineers – a junior (permanent) and a senior (one-year contract) to join our hardware team and help bring exciting new technologies to market. 

Overview of the roles

These roles promise a diverse and dynamic workload typical of a start-up environment, encompassing everything from the initial development of concepts and hardware prototyping to the design-for-manufacture of comprehensive whole-machine subsystems. A unique aspect of these positions is the opportunity to witness your innovative ideas being brought to life on a grand scale.

Although we’ve detailed a few desirable characteristics and qualifications as a guide below, we encourage you not to let this deter you from applying. Our primary interest lies in your attitude and your method of approaching problem-solving. We are a supportive team and will work hard to provide both exciting challenges and development/training opportunities where they’re needed. We welcome candidates from a range of backgrounds, education (apprenticeship and degree), and experience levels.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Design, build and test prototypes with lead engineers
  • Generate manufacturing drawings, BOMs, and other documentation for machines in production quantities
  • Work with suppliers and manufacturing team to define SOPs, build documentation and appropriate quality control processes

Desirable characteristics:

  • 1-15 yrs experience of machinery design, ideally for medium volume production (50-2000 units)
  • Completer-finisher approach to design
  • Proficiency in CAD software (will be using Autodesk Inventor)
  • Ability to get stuck in with the team but also solve problems independently
  • Strong communication skills – ability to review ideas and decisions with the team
  • Ability to flex across various types of work – assembling and evaluating prototypes, designing mechanical assemblies, developing assembly SOPs, defining cable routings & drawings.
  • Ability to prove out ideas pragmatically and practically in appropriate stages of the design process
  • GD&T, tolerance analysis & structural FEA would be beneficial
  • HND or degree qualified
  • Experience of sheet-metal design

Senior role specifically:

  • Ability to liaise with suppliers independently and incorporate design rules for novel processes
  • Ability to consider BOM, assembly and tooling costs within the design process
  • Scale-up and cost reduction: design of actuators, mechanisms, robotics in medium to high volume (>500) major benefit.

Reference ID: DTMechDesignEngineer

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your C.V. and cover letter to recruitment@dogtoothtech.com

Standards and Compliance Engineer (ROLE NOW FILLED)

We are looking for a dynamic and thorough Standards and Compliance Engineer to join our team and help bring our exciting new technologies to market.

Overview of the role

You will work with the Hardware CTO to manage the process of taking our new high-tech products through the CE-marking process, ensuring their compliance with  product standards.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Plan and manage the CE / UKCA marking process and the wider team’s contribution towards it.  This involves addressing Machinery Safety Directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Safety, Radio, Food safety etc.
  • Collate requirements from standards, summarise technical arguments towards how those requirements are met, and own all summary documents including Machine Safety Risk Assessment and Technical File.
  • Drive others in the team and external test houses to get the engagement needed with the process.
  • Engage with external consultants to review the standards applicable and our technical arguments.
  • Liaise with Manufacturing and other business units to ensure CE controls are appropriate.
  • Be responsible for safety risk assessments for machines and their use in R&D.


  • Contribute to safety calculations and analysis of safety circuits.
  • Contribute to solving engineering problems where technical skills are appropriate.
  • Manage other development projects.

Desirable Characteristics 

  • Technical skills: Good technical writing skills & highly numerate.
  • Planning: Methodical. Well organised, and ability to coordinate disparate teams. Excel / Gantt.
  • Pragmatic approach to solving problems & requirements within tight constraints – both managerial and technical.
  • Experience of CE marking process of a machine under relevant directives.

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your C.V. and cover letter to recruitment@dogtoothtech.com 

Daily Mail Interview with James Dyson

Last week, James Dyson spoke to Sarah Rainey of the Daily Mail ahead of her visit to th Dyson Farming glasshouse in Lincolnshire, where – with the aid of 20 of Dogtooth’s strawberry harvesting robots – the team are working hard to produce British grown strawberries at Christmas.

Read the full article here.

Dogtooth In The News

Dogtooth is making the news! We recently welcomed BBC News to Hugh Lowe Farms to see our strawberry harvesting robots picking fruit in the polytunnels. Their visit was an opportunity to explain how AI and robotic automation are helping to make agriculture become more sustainable.

This clip featured in last week’s episode of “Talking Business” alongside some other remarkable innovations helping to drive sustainability. If you’re in the UK, you can watch the whole episode via BBC iPlayer.

Harvest Robotics Applications Engineer

Would you like to be part of the next Agricultural Revolution? We are looking for a talented Applications Engineer (AE) to help ensure that our successive generations of products have impact as they are released into the field.

Overview of the role

The AE will become an expert in the use of our emerging products, their operating environment and the customers’ needs. They will be a key link between the in-house development teams and the farm, deploying new technologies and feeding back the understanding of their effectiveness to the engineering teams to guide the development.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Champion real-world testing of developing technologies (finished prototypes, subsystems and test rigs), measuring the performance against agreed benchmarks
  • Deploy early-stage products to the field, train users in their use, overcome any arising challenges and understand any issues
  • Feed back experimental data and applications understanding to hardware and software engineers to guide the technical developments
  • Develop field user documentation for new robot systems
  • Be engineering liaison to our operations team running our Farm-as-a-Factory programme, assisting with engineering roll-out of process optimisations and understanding emerging issues from the deployed fleet

Desirable Characteristics

  • Excellent communicator, able to work with development teams as well as non-technical users that may be non-fluent in English
  • Background in horticulture agriculture a strong benefit, or a strong understanding of practical engineering applications in agriculture
  • Follows the scientific method and is data driven in testing and problem solving
  • Disciplined, and has a sense of urgency
  • Systematic, sets and works towards sensible milestones
  • Attention to detail, and able to identify which further requisite detail
  • Adaptable to evolving priorities
  • Driving license is a must-have 
  • Ability to drive a van to deploy robots would be beneficial

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your C.V. and covering letter to recruitment@dogtoothtech.com

From the Polytunnel to the Palace!

Our strawberry harvesting robot made its royal debut this week at Hampton Court Palace for the 2023 Global Investment Summit. We were delighted to have been selected by the Department of Business and Trade to represent the UK’s nascent agri-robotics sector – and to have the opportunity to discuss our business with Oliver Dowden, Deputy Prime Minister, and Andrew Griffith MP Andrew Griffith, Minister of State for Science, Research, & Innovation. We were also rather pleased that our robot was placed next to some beautiful cars from Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd and McLaren Group, established British businesses that we love!

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