The Journey Begins

Thanks to enormous progress in the field of intelligent automation, a lot of people are talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Governments are investing billions in new technologies. Journalists are making dire predictions along the lines that machine will take away most of our jobs within the next few years. Such predictions help to make headlines, but I don’t share this rather pessimistic view.

So much innovation over the last 20 years has been focussed on the internet, and its ability to make information more readily available to users everywhere. Dogtooth was born out of a desire to exploit the incredible capabilities of machine learning in more tangible ways, in order to do more than just derive insight from data or deliver

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Ideas for future blogs:

  • “Rise of the machines” Why self-driving cars won’t materialize any time soon. And Why robot picking machines will.
  • Why the Fourth Industrial Revolution won’t happen overnight
  • Why we aren’t just replacing jobs.

Manufacturing Engineer

We are looking for a talented manufacturing engineer to lead our efforts to scale our manufacturing operations. The successful candidate will work with our Director of Mechanical Engineering to design our supply chain and production systems from the ground up to manufacture of robots at scale.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Developing the value chain for the product to meet volume and quality requirements as the business scales
  • Designing, developing and implementing manufacturing processes and the associated infrastructure
  • Researching and selecting suppliers and build partners
  • Working with internal and external production teams to implement and control build processes to meet quality requirements

Desirable Characteristics

  • The ability to understand process flows and design and implement infrastructure to support them
  • Experience of setting up supply chains
  • A commitment to quality, and the ability to identify appropriate testing along the value chain to build in quality
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Skill in the use of KPIs to monitor and improve the value chain
  • Great teamwork skills, and the ability to adapt to changing requirements within a fast moving, diverse team
  • A high quality degree and several years of experience